Davison Family Cemetery

The Davison Family Cemetery is located near Drew's Landing off FM 1127, 3/10 of a mile past Lake Station Church, on the right side of the road in San Jacinto County. There are only 4 marked graves, but there looks like there could be more unmarked graves. We have transcribed this cemetery to the best of our ability, but no matter how careful we have been, this transcription may contain errors. Always refer to the original source for accurate information. Please note that when you click on a hyperlinked name in the index, it will take you to the headstone inscription for that person.


Headstone Inscriptions:

  1. Margaret C., wife of M. Davison
    Born: 7 January 1827
    Died: 10 August 1865

  2. Emma D., wife of Dr. W.E. Chauncey
    Born: 27 April 1850
    Died: 22 July 1868

  3. M. Davison, son of M.C. & M. Davison
    Born: 27 September 1860
    Died: 30 October 1872

  4. Major Hamilton Washington
    H Q Staff
    Vol. ADC
    Born: 5 March 1805
    Died: 30 June 1868


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